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WHO WE ARE / History

Tabernacle of Praise Christian Academy (TOPCA) was founded on the visions of our Pastors, Pastor T.J. McBride and Co-Pastor Shunnae McBride. Pastor McBride and Co-Pastor McBride moved to Georgia in 2005 with a vision; however, they weren’t aware of the heights the vision would take them!  Tabernacle of Praise Christian Academy stands firmly on Modeling Christ and Cultivating Excellence. This great institution of learning opened in August of 2014 with 14 scholars. The administration, faculty, and staff make up an arrangement of master educators! The educators at TOPCA are energetic, enthusiastic, and eager about teaching and learning! Each educator works diligently daily to help scholars improve and maintain engagement, critical thinking skills, and mastery of content and growth achievement. 

Tabernacle of Praise Christian Academy has been recognized as a notable school in the McDonough area. Not only have the scholars been featured on CBS46 and in Tabernacle of Praise Church International church services for their musical achievements, but they are also noted for their extensive academic growth.

TOPCA is moving to the next chapter of the Christian academic world and positioning itself as a Christian Academy that is truly "SET APART!" See for yourself what makes TOPCA special!

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